Cynthia Elizabeth

Barbie Doll

18 September
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My name is Cynthia Elizabeth but my friends call me Bunnie. I look exotic because I am. I can't think of anyone like me. I have the best roommates. They are hot bitches. I love gay guys and they love me. I like girly things in an evil way. Black and white are my favorite colors, check my closet. I like crazy hair accessories. I work for A&F, I guess you can call me a model. I use to model. I like to dress differently, high knee socks, yea I started that before everyone. People like to bop but whatever floats your boat. My phone is a part of my body now, I can't imagine life without texting. I am brutally honest and hilarious or so I am told. I love life and most of all I love God. :D