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Oh so confuzzled

So I signed up for livejournal for no apparent reason. I have no idea why, but boredom does this to you, well at least me.
Soo is this like a blog? I probably won't get a response since I have no friends but that is what I will treat it as I guess haha
Sooo my roommate was taking a shower today and the shower curtain fell on her, now I'm scared to take a shower.
Soooo I don't feel like going to work tomorrow, I work from 5-9. Annoying. I get tired of getting hit on like get a clue, I don't want any of you unless you are a hot model and chances are you're not. Guys just always seem approach the wrong way.
Sooooo my roommate and best friend since middle school, Boo, yea that's what we call her, just made me egg drop soup. Yummm.
Soooooo it's starting to get cold in Houston, I hate the cold, summer is my season. Ok well it's not really cold to be honest but anything under 70 is cold to me. I shiver like a freakin chihuahua, so disturbing. I want a tiny teacup Yorkie, they are too cute, hopefully I get one for Christmas ;]
Sooooooo as everyone knows I have a shopping problem, even random stuff but that's besides the point, I went to the UC and got distracted and bought some athletic shorts. That was almost $30 for shorts and I bought them in youth M to save money. College students are suppose to be broke so those prices aren't helping but I still bought it. Give college students a break with those prices.
Anyways, that's enough for today. YAY for my first journal. I get a gold star. <3

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